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The Minds of Le Metropole
The roster of our economic dream team:

Investing in Gold Stock Options

Ed Bugos studied business and economics at Simon Fraser University before starting his career in the investment industry in 1989, where he spent the next 11 years as a private investment advisor specializing in exploration and mining finance.
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From the UK, John Brimelow  was educated at the University of Sussex (BA) and Stanford GSB (MBA). Active as an analyst and dealer in precious metal shares in New York more than 20 years, he is frequently confused for his twin, Peter, of CBSMarketWatch. Some (but not all!) cafe members might like their website

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From Cornell University and the School of Hotel Administration, Bill Murphy. Bill has an extensive commodities and futures background having spent time over the years with some of the most well-known Wall Street firms. Today, he is your host at The Cafe and is Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee [GATA].
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Out of Manila and the San Francisco Art Institute, Greg Pickup. Greg, our market technician and author has been at the Chicago Board of Trade since 1979. He advises commercial grain and oilseed companies worldwide.
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Out of Christchurch, New Zealand and the London School of Economics, Neville Bennett. Neville, a PhD., teaches " Japan and the World Economy " at the Canterbury Graduate School and writes a column for the prestigious National Business Review.

In the Cafe you will find tables named after some of the well known celebrants of the by-gone Paris days. Here, food for thought will be served via posting forums in which you can present your own opinions and learn from others about the subjects which are of the greatest interest to you. The speaker list will grow as more experts come to chat.